Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We Have Liftoff

Welcome to Blood and Guts Politics, a politically right-of-center weblog devoted to spouting the truth as it relates to national defense, national offense, and everthing in between. At times, you the reader will hate me, revile my comments and leave me bilious feedback. I welcome it. Other times, you will find that my words will stir within you a righteous indignation that you felt you had lost forever in this turbulent America. I welcome that even more.
A brief note about myself. My age, race, gender, religion are irrelevant. They are about as pertinent to you as whether I prefer Pepsi or Coke. I am an American, and I am an outraged patriot. This blog is my pathetic attempt at influencing this backward nation. I don't care if I am successful, and if I change even just one mind, then by God that's enough.
This is Blood and Guts Politics, named after my personal hero, General Patton. As its name suggests, I will take no prisoners. I will respond to feedback with heat, so be prepared. This blog will live up to its name.


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