Thursday, November 30, 2006


MNF-Iraq brings us joyous news.

Coalition Forces killed eight al-Qaida terrorists today in an early-morning raid near Baqubah. Acting upon numerous intelligence sources, Coalition Forces launched an operation to detain individuals running a known terrorist cell. At the objective, Coalition Forces received enemy rifle and machine gun fire. Due to the heavy volume of enemy fire, Coalition Forces also engaged the terrorists with aircraft. Coalition aircraft fired rounds neutralizing the enemy threat.

The only good terrorist is a dead one. That is how you fight a war. Your enemy hides in a building, you blow it to hell with air assets. Blammo, wrath of God, shock and awe and all that glory. They cannot stand against our technology and air superiority, SO USE IT.

Upon a search of the objective area, they found two female local nationals who were killed during the firefight.

A shame to be sure. Their blood is on the hands of al-Qaeda, we have only just begun to avenge them. God rest their souls.



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