Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bush Goes for the Throat

You know, often George and I don't see eye to eye. This case is an exception. Finally Bush sounds sutibly forceful. Not as forceful as I would have liked, but still high calibur. Notice how he didn't stoop to calling anyone stupid? Instead, he just showed Kerry for the snake-in-the-grass, villainous turd sandwich he is by quoting his own words.

It sounds distateful even still, and I still fail to see the humor or "botched joke" behind the senator's comments. Thank God that man never became president. He would have been commander in chief to a bunch of brave men and women that its clear he has no respect for. Say what you will about Bush, and the way the war is being executed. President Bush at least has a human compassion and genuine respect for our soldiers.

The most important part of Bush's comments are contained in the end of his speech. Regardless of party affiliation, we should all have a baseline of respect for our soldiers. Period, end of story. It takes alot of guts to be a soldier, and their choice to serve had nothing to do with test scores.


Blogger Xander said...

If anyone at all, politician or blogger, heard Kerry's speech and interpreted his words as an insult to this nation's armed forces, then Kerry fucked up. There is no denying that.

However, admitedly I have yet to find a full length video of his speech so that I can make that determination for myself. All I have yet to work with is clips much like the short one provided in which he makes the inflamatory remark.

Either way, the other side of center (much farther on the other side than myself mind you), kicked the ball back to your side of the court tonight. Check it out here if you like:

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