Sunday, November 05, 2006

He got off easy

CNN carries this article proclaiming the coming demise of Saddam Hussein.

This particular death sentance comes as a result of our friend's heavy-handedness with some folks who tried to kill him many years ago. So now the butcher gets his appeals process, and afterwards we get to lynch the bastard right?

Not quite.

Hussein is also in the middle of another trial involving the 1988 Anfal campaign, the government offensive in the country's Kurdish region. Hussein is charged in that case with genocide.

Which means we have to try him again to get another death sentance so we can hang him twice. Just you watch, my prediction is that he'll die in prison before the bureacracy gets around to stringing him up, much like Milosevic.

Oooh, maybe we can make the execution a live pay-per-view event, and use the proceeds to buy humvees with better armor so our guys don't get their legs blown off by IEDs? It would be ironic yeah?



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