Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Least He could Do

The Associated Press has run a story that seems to suggest that, in spite of showing his ass at the press conference yesterday, Kerry is finally issuing something approaching an apology. All of us were calling for it, and we've at least now recieved a baseline show of regret to our troops.

That's not to say I'm letting Kerry off that easily. Read between the lines. Had this not been an election year, there never would have been an apology. It's clear that behind the scenes, Kerry's softy buddies were wrenching his arm for making them look bad (as though making them look worse were possible) and in the process made him come to the table for the good of the Party of Opportunists.

So what's the lesson to be learned here? Nothing matters unless its election currency. An apology to the troops? Only warranted for purposes of Democrat damage control. Voting for the Iraq War Resolution? Only if they think they can bag a few votes. Turn around and start calling for redeployment and phased withdrawls? Again, wait until the political weather is right before making a move.

So Kerry. Thanks for the apology. Now piss off.


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