Friday, November 03, 2006

Ready The Salvos

You know, I was recently accused of attacking Democrats to the detriment of my non-partisan crusade against the politicians.
It just so happens that I stumbled across this Reuters article this morning, and it provides the perfect opportunity to parry such claims. *gives the nod to that poster*

One look at the title should make you do one of three things: laugh, weep, or just puke. We have the Commander-in-Chief challenging his opponents for a plan. I'll say that again and take care not to have an aneurysm. Our President is defending the conduct of the Iraq War by pointing out that his opponents can do no better?

"Truth is the Democrats can't answer that question," he said. "Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory." says Bush.

No, it isn't. And neither is the half-assed containment policy we're enacting over there. So we have the two major powers in this country, and each when asked for their plan screams bloody murder "I don't know, but it beats the other guy's plan". In the midst of all that, our boys die daily. No, I don't want to leave Iraq. The job isn't done. Regardless of anyone's personal views on how we got there, most will agree that the job needs to be finished, and finished effectively. Our handling of the war stinks of tip-toeing around the media and taking care not to lose too many votes.

Bush said Democratic claims that the tax cuts would hurt the economy were wrong.
"Well, if their election forecasts are as good as their economic forecasts, we're going to have a great day on November 7," he said to cheers.

Maybe you will. Maybe the Republicans will hold their ground and it will be a day of celebrating for the GOP. Maybe, on the other hand, the Democrats will sweep both chambers, and it will be a great day for them. What about us? What about our soldiers? What about America? When is her great day coming? If you see that great day coming, please tell me, because I sadly do not.


Blogger Xander said...

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Blogger Xander said...

I am pleased to have found a topic we both agree upon, and that being that our government is going down the shitter fast.

What once was the world's greatest example of how human beings from all walks of life could in fact coexist under one roof through diplomacy, compromise, tolerance, and the unifying goal in the pursuit of happiness, has become something marred in the swamps of human vice.

Politics and the desperation to control the "House Majority" have blinded our lawmakers and our representatives with the pursuit of power. Revered figure-heads who were once chosen by the people as trusted guardians and spokespersons in this crazy notion of a nation built upon freedom and liberty have become pawns of the dollar, puppets of immense cabals of evil that reside on wall-street, and heralds of falsity and coersion in the greedy race to be the best man, the best party, at the sacrifice of being the -worst- example of societal evolution that we as a people and family of human-kind have produced.

And who is to blame?

We are. The great system that has recieved such a black mark has become so violated, so deflowered from what it was intended to be becuse we have become greedy ourselves. Turning our heads to what our ancestors would call atrocities and blindly placing our trust in elected officials without knowing the true face of their character because we are more concerned with our lives, our "things", our fun, and our image. Yes, times have changed from what they once were. The average American has little time to fully investigate the nature of today's political landscape. More Americans are working more hours per week than they've ever worked before just to stay alive. A smaller portion of the United States is able to seek higher education. And what once passed for a "general education" in graduating high school now prepares today's youth to work for less than $30,000 anually. The government would like to tell us that figures indicate a family should be able survive on this. I would like to see every politician try.

And this trap has been created so that fewer and fewer people have the tools nessicary to ask the important questions, to challenge their leadership, to ensure the success of -their- government.

I see no fix for this. The power has subversively shifted to the opposite end of the scale while the American public naievly smiled and placed their faith in the great machine. I think back to the tale of King Arthur, and how he pulled the sword from the stone which held Excalibur until such day that a -good- man would come and take it. I am afraid that the hero you hope for may never have an opportunity to even place his hand upon the Excalibur that could save this nation.

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