Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Recommended candidates

Below is my slate of recommended, pro-defense candidates. My list is free of partisan bias. Vote by the issues.

If you haven't voted yet, get off your ass.

-Randy Graf (R) 8th District Arizona House (Democratic opponent is a pacifist coward)

-Doug Lamborn (R) 5th District Colorado House (Democratic opponent is pro-defense, but more watered down)

-Jon L. Kyl (R) Arizona Senate (Democratic opponent is a pacifist coward)

-Rick O'Donnell (R) 7th District Colorado (I especially like this guy)

-Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut Sentae (Lukewarm on interrogations, but his opponent is clearly a coward)

-Jim Marshall (D) 8th Georgia District (Both candidates viable, but Marshall gets the endorsement for supporting benefits for disabled vets)

-Jim Talent (R) Missouri Senate (Democratic opponent is a pacifist coward)

-Rick Santorum (R) Pennsylvania Senate (Mainly because Democratic opponent is a partisan sycophant)

-Bob Corker (R) Tennessee Senate (Both candidates seem to be partisan hacks, but his Democratic opponent has a bad defense track record)

-Thelma Drake (R) 2nd Virginia District (Both candidates lukewarm, but Drake at least supports defense in rhetoric, while her opponent is silent)

-George Allen (R) Virginia Senate (Very strong candidate. Highly endorsed.)

If any of these men or women are in your area, put your vote down for them so we can butcher the murderous barbarians that camp at our gates.

**And yes, I primarily endorse Republican candidates this go around. Democrats seem to have no balls these days. Show me Democrats like JFK and you'll see my support for them rise.



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