Friday, November 24, 2006

Reverse Racism

If a white man had said the same of blacks, he'd have been arrested for inciting racial violence. A black man spews his hatred, and he recieves applause in the capitol building. Sort of makes you feel like you're the only person with a brain.

See, its not racism unless it comes from the majority. Don't get me wrong, racism is the product of ignorance and blatantly wrong thinking. But no matter who the racism comes from, its ugly and disgusting, and frankly makes the person spouting the hate speech look extremely stupid.

Further, as you can probably see from the captions in the video, the overall subject was Hurricane Katrina Relief for African Americans. Seems to me that Hurricane Katrina was a disaster for Americans in general, not just the blacks. The media (and a certain Ray Nagin) is responsible for making this into a racial issue and further dividing the nation, rather than providing the solidarity we need to deal with such disasters.

The guy in this video, all the counter-racism racist civil rights lawyers, the KKK and the skinheads of the nation are pollutants and stains on the flag.



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