Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some notes on 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. This from CNN.

Democratic Sen. John Kerry, considering a second bid for the U.S. presidency, finished dead last in a poll on the likability of 20 top American political figures.

Really? To quote Fight Club, "I am Jack's complete lack of suprise."

The survey asked respondents to rate 20 political figures on a "feeling thermometer." The warmer or more favorable they felt toward a person the higher score they gave them on a scale of zero to 100. Respondents were given the option of saying they did not know enough about the figure to offer a rating.
In the current poll, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a Republican, ranked first with a mean score of 64.2, followed by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, 58.8, and McCain, 57.7. All three are potential presidential candidates.

And of the three, only Giuliani passes muster as a defense candidate. What the hell has Obama done anyway, to have gotten so popular? He's a junior senator! Look at his voting record, he's done almost nothing.
Though there's nothing new here. We pretty much knew that these wold be the big ones for 2008. As things look now, no candidate is particularly great, but Giuliani's crim-fighting spirit could prove useful in our war
on terror.



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