Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sweet Jesus

Save us all.

Nancy Pelosi has taken leadership of the House. Hold your children closer to your chests and lock your doors.

But seriously, I found it illuminating that when asked LAST NIGHT by Wolf Blitzer what the Democrat plan for Iraq was, Dean said it was "too soon to be thinking about that."


His party is about to own the House, and has extended their influence in the Senate, and he says its too soon to think about that? I say its about freaking time you started thinking about that Howie! Moreover the Democrats have two years now to convince the Americans that they can win this thing in Iraq, and that they're not the gutless cowards they've shown themselves to be. We do need change, but not like the liberal Democrats have been saying. We hit HARDER in Iraq, not withdrawl.

If any good came from last night, its that hopefully Republicans will take this as a chastising of their vote whoring to the illegal Mexican population and their compromising with those who wring their hands over the "torture" of our enemies. This, I hope, will lead to a resurgence of conservative voting, better spending and a harder line of military matters by the Republicans. That would render their defeat into a lesson to be learned from, hopefully resulting in the victory of an '08 presidential candidate with a set of Reaganesque balls.



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