Saturday, November 18, 2006

Torture/Coercive Techniques

A friend of mind recently asked me to enumerate what acts in Guantanamo I considered torture. The answer is simple: so far none of them.

Waterboarding? That's the worst people can bring up. It's essentially simulated drowning for the participant in a controlled environment. The question is, who are we using it on? US citizens? Nope. Foreign nationals? Negative. The upper brass of our detainess who we believe are holding critical information and are refusing to play ball? Check. I frankly couldn't give a damn if some uncooperative little shit gets the life scared out of him if the information breaks up cells and saves lives. So far, every person waterboarded has yielded such information.

Sleep deprivation/sonic assault/temperature manipulation/forced standing et al: don' make me laugh.

What DO I consider torture?

-Savage beating
-Sexual assault
-Mutilation of any kind
-Humiliating treatment that you would not subject your dog to.
-Bone breaking
-Anything that looks like it belongs in a Clive Barker film

This isn't an exhaustive list, but you can see how I'm categorizing things. Fill in the blanks.



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