Monday, November 06, 2006

Useful ego

Alright everyone, this is my lecture to all of you, and my effort to get you to get out and vote.

I know you're tired of Washington. I know sometimes you feel as though your vote means nothing. Maybe it doesn't, but your vote attached to mine and mine attached to a hundred others DOES mean something. Changes at the aggregate level begin with the individual, and change is sorely needed.

You may tell me that electing new politicians will only bring more of the same, and I can't really promise that this is untrue. What I can tell you is that politicians are motivated by self-interest and ego, and this ego can be sharpened and used by us as a weapon. You want to affect change? You hit the politicians where it hurts. Go to the polls, if not to support a candidate, then do it to punish one. Tell him you disapprove of his tactics by stripping away his power, and send a message to the fellow that beats him that he's next. The alternative is you sit idly by and give silent consent to that with which you disagee.

This is most important of all: no matter what your views on welfare, abortion, gay marriage or what have you, you NEED to vote for defense candidates. No other issue matters if you're dead. This is not a Republican scare tactic. If a Democrat is a better defense candidate, vote for him. Make no mistake, our enemy wants us dead, and IS capable of killing you and your entire family.

I'll say that again. He is willing and able to kill you and your entire family.

The only thing standing between you and the jungle is the world's finest military. Unfortunately, its hands are tied by the politicians. Thus, fill the chambers of the legislature of men who will wield our military like the finely-honed weapon it is. Men who will bring pain and death to our enemies before they bring it to us.



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