Friday, November 10, 2006

Why we fight

This from Fox News:

British authorities are tracking almost 30 terrorist plots involving 1,600 individuals, the head of Britain's MI5 spy agency said, adding that many of the suspects are homegrown British terrorists plotting homicide attacks.

And I'm sure the Brits have no qualms about invading the "privacy" of these militant loonies in order to stop their carnage.

"It is the youth who are being actively targeted, groomed, radicalized and set on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in their involvement in mass murder of their fellow U.K. citizens," Manningham-Buller said. "Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers.
"Today we see the use of homemade improvised explosive devices, but I suggest tomorrow's threat will include the use of chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology," she added.

So given this information, what, can we surmise, is the extent of the terrorist threat in the United States? After all, we have a gaping hole in our border that our government doesn't seem to give a shit about. With everyone crocking about "alarmism" in our nation, this news story should serve as a firm, open-palmed slap in the face.

The Visigoths are here, and they want to burn Rome to the ground.



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