Friday, December 08, 2006

But on the bright side...

CNN shares some tragic news with us. Tragic, at least from their perpective.

Coalition forces killed 20 people they identified as insurgents, destroyed weapons caches and arrested seven suspected terrorists in two security sweeps in Iraq on Friday, the U.S. military said.

Yikes. Let's see now, how can CNN spin this story to make it one more cog in the machine of negativity coming forth from Iraq?

The identities of those killed were in dispute, according to wire reports. The mayor and police in al-Ishaqi village, where one raid took place, said that civilians were killed -- including women and children, according to The Associated Press. Reuters also reported that police said 17 civilians were killed.

See, these are what I call "but" stories. "Yes yes, this went well but..." Never underestimate the tag-team champions of liberal bullshit, the AP and Reuters. When you look at the news story in context, this paragraph occurs directly after the one quoted above. So, though the headline is that our boys are making headway, let's take a nice long look at how the tone of the rest of this article goes.

Three U.S. soldiers were killed Thursday, all by roadside bombs, the U.S. military said. Two were part of a Multi-National Division -- Baghdad patrol that was responding to a report of a bomb south of Baghdad. A roadside bomb exploded, killing them and wounding two others, the military said. The military had earlier reported another U.S. soldier's death, when a roadside bomb exploded near his patrol in the capital.
Since the start of the war, 2,926 U.S. military members and personnel have died in Iraq -- 36 so far in December.

To be interpreted as "Reminder! We're losing, our soldiers are dying!" Hopeless, these journalists.



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