Wednesday, December 06, 2006

There's something about Gates

CNN gushes over him.

President Bush's nomination of Robert Gates as defense secretary headed to the full Senate Wednesday for approval, a day after it sailed through the Armed Services Committee.
Gates was confirmed by the committee 24-0.

Wow. Why migh this be?

When asked by Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, incoming chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, if he thought the U.S. was winning the war, Gates replied, "No, sir."

Oh. Yes I imagine Levin might have liked that answer. The funny thing now is that Iraq now has the Democrats' name on it, and they also have to take a bite of the sandwich if it's later found to contain shit.

Later, he clarified his remark, saying the United States wasn't losing either and that his comment pertained to Iraq as a whole, not just as a military endeavor.
"Our military forces win the battles that they fight. Our soldiers have done an incredible job in Iraq, and I'm not aware of a single battle that they have lost," he said.

If you are not winning, you are losing. There is no third direction. We are not losing militarily whatsoever. As Gates points out, we've never given ground to those bastards. What we are losing is our nerve as a public, but that's a rant found elsewhere.

Iran concerns Gates because "their capacity to potentially close off the Persian Gulf to all exports of oil, their potential to unleash a significant wave of terror -- in the Middle East and in Europe and even here in this country -- is very real," he said.
But, the nominee said, while the Islamic republic is working against U.S. interests, "I think they could do a lot more to hurt our effort in Iraq."

Every time I start to get on the same page with this guy, he goes and craps out a stupid comment like that. Iran could be doing worse, so why bother with them? Wake up Gates! Read some of Churchill's letters! The same goes for our entire government, that Islamofascist government is invested in our failure and demise, and the extinction of the Jews. Accept the fact that we must go for their jugular in some way very soon.

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