Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry'd Away

Calm down everyone! It was only a "botched joke", according to our good friend John Kerry. Everyone has had one of those moments when we screw up a joke...right? C'mon, you've never been standing around with your friends, commenting about what a bunch of illiterate, uneducated morons our soldiers are, and screwed up the punchline?
Honestly, if you watch the clip it becomes obvious that there was nothing even remotely funny about this long-faced, disrespectful putz's comments.
Despite Kerry's claims that he was demonstrating disapproval in Bush's "failed Iraq policy", an analysis of his words reveal that his comments could only be taken one way by any rational person. He postulates that if you study hard, you can go far. True enough. Then our botox buddy states that IF YOU DO NOT, you end up in Iraq. IN other words, those who are in Iraq are there for lack of intelligence and effort. This premise has zero to do with President Bush.
Our boys overseas were owed an apology, at least. Did Kerry give them one? Hell no. On JohnKerry.com, the word from the horse's ass seems to be:

"This is the classic G.O.P. playbook."

Demanding an apology for our brave men and women, who you so carelessly labeled (accident or no) morons and illiterates? Somehow, the fault lies with the Republicans, despite the fact that Kerry's big mouth spewed this filth?
We got no apology, and instead were given a spoonful of defiance and smokescreening. More of the same.

We Have Liftoff

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